Need to Optimize Cloud Costs? Here’s How to Do It

The cloud has become the go-to solution for businesses today. Cloud services reduce several overhead costs and offer scalability and flexibility. Who would not want to opt for such options when costs are rising in every sphere? However, cost-efficient cloud services can also mislead companies to go for the overkill. In this article at the Enterprise Networking Planet, Aminu Abdullahi shares how you can optimize cloud costs without reducing the speed of service delivery or capabilities.

How to Optimize Cloud Costs

What will you do when you do not need all of the services cloud vendors provide in the service package? In that case, you can go for a service level that justifies the cost. Besides, when you optimize cloud costs, you achieve more project spend transparency. Here are how you can facilitate cloud cost efficiency:

Are You Using Resources to the Maximum?

Check if you are using all the resources to their maximum usable potential. If they are not in use, decommission the tools or software.

Keep a Check to Optimize Cloud Costs

You must continuously evaluate ways to reduce overspending on cloud services. You can allocate the budget to some other growth sphere of the business.

Have a Centralized Billing System

If teams are working in silos and keeping an independent billing record, you will soon run out of money. Have a single checkpoint for all teams’ billing data so that you can deduce where you can cut corners.

Get the Right Service Model

Make it a point that the services you avail are fitting not only your budget but also your needs. You cannot continuously nudge stakeholders to get budget approvals.

Use Heat Maps to Check Cloud Usage

A heat map will help you detect which servers are getting more intensive workloads or issues. You can transfer some of the load to other servers.

Have Tools to Support Optimization

Optimize cloud costs by purchasing tools that enable you to track expenditures. These tools ensure transparency, from migrating the workload to a different server to displaying spending data.

Beware of Fluctuations

There might be some deviations from what you expected. Track these variations early so that you can reduce these redundancies and optimize cloud costs.

Choose Between Multiple and Single Service Providers

A single cloud service provider might not have the best solutions. Choose whether you want to get services from single or multiple vendors depending on your budget.

Make Use of Reserved Instances

These instances can help you optimize cloud costs by 75 percent! Look for such discounts to get the same service in an affordable price range.

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