If You Have the Grit to Succeed, Adopt These Qualities

If you want to grow in your career or succeed in other areas of life, some traits can help you more than others. In this video, Bernard Marr speaks about five essential human skills for the future of work. Namely optimism, humility, self-belief, resilience, and initiative. Marr elaborates that optimism is an important quality for people to face challenges with a positive outlook. Humility to identify your weakness, upskill yourself, accept feedback, and strengthen any shortcomings. Self-belief is another vital trait of successful professionals.

The author believes humility and self-confidence are two sides of the same coin. Humble and confident people are willing and open to give and take the required help and learn new things. Furthermore, resilience is listed as a must-have trait to bounce back irrespective of the challenges you face. This helps you to manage stress and navigate roadblocks effectively. Lastly, taking the initiative in the team and personal development is equally important to succeed.

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