How You Can Strengthen Your Remote Workforce Security

The pandemic has disrupted the work culture to a significant extent. It has also compelled businesses to put their best foot forward on the technical front to help ease business operations. With the implementation of remote and hybrid working models, several things have changed in the corporate culture. Numerous technical factors can contribute to vulnerabilities in remote workforce security. Many IT experts have mentioned that a remote work culture poses particular threats to IT security. Remote work also complicates the process of a system update. In his article for TechRepublic, Lance Whitney shares several tips on how you can improve your remote workforce security.

Why Remote Workforce Security is a Concern

Workspot collaborated with Dimensional Research, a market research organization that surveyed 304 IT professionals regarding remote workforce security. Here are some conclusions from the research:

In the survey, 71% of the respondents mentioned that maintaining security across remote teams is a serious concern.60% of the participants feel that making the workforce comply with new technological controls is a serious concern.59% of the respondents stated that the devices of the remote employees perform satisfactorily.67% of the contributors have stated that security measures have led to the expansion of tools and methodologies.54% of the participants asserted that it is challenging to secure any user device outside the firewall.51% affirmed that they are concerned about the risk evaluation of the unknown technological environments.78% of the participants mentioned planning to invest in cloud infrastructure, whereas 75% prioritized cloud services.30% of the contributors said they have access to every useful resource to strengthen their IT system.

Tips to Improve

Here are some tips that can help you enhance your remote workforce security:

Implement a zero-trust strategy. Make sure you give limited and supervised access to employees and contractors. It will help you secure your technical applications and give you more authority to safeguard overall business procedures.Incorporate cloud PCs. It will bolster centralized management that will consequently enhance your operating system and security patching. Cloud PCs can also improve the overall security framework for the bring your own device (BYOD) model.Monitor every business process. It will provide a better understanding of the business procedures and help you develop your remote workforce security models. Ensure the implementation of real-time visibility into your network system. It is also advisable that you train your staff and familiarize them with the importance of security among remote workforces.

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