How Are Companies with Four-Day Week Benefiting?

The four-day work week is here sooner than anybody anticipated. Flexible hours, remote work, and hybrid offices are a given at this point. A colossal shift in the future of work is underway, implying a rejection of the “work-life balance” concept. People are accepting remote work options and becoming digital nomads working from anywhere around the world thanks to the four-day work week. This further helps people to participate in things they are passionate about. For instance like learning a new language, hobby, skillset, volunteering, or spending more time with family.

Dean Tempest from Big Potato Games, Alice Will from LUX, and Abena Fairweather from Legacy Events spoke about the benefits of the shorter work week trial. Additionally, this will be environmentally friendly due to one day of less commute. Big companies like Unilever, Microsoft, etc., follow the precedence of a shorter work week. In this video, Vicky McKeever at CNBC speaks about the growing traction of the global four-day-week movement.

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