Productive Team – A Goal for Many, Realized by Few

Global CEOs are most concerned with finding, keeping, and developing the next generation of leaders. While those worries are genuine, it is nearly impossible to address them when you do not have a productive team. Your team members are not meeting deadlines, learning, or growing when they are unproductive. They might also feel dissatisfied and less engaged. Over time, disengaged workers will either stop working or quit, taking their knowledge with them. That will eventually have a significant effect on your bottom line. Elizabeth Harrin at Rebel’s Guide to Project Management shares five ways to boost your team’s productivity.

Tips for a Productive Team

The amount of work a team can complete while still producing high-quality results is known as team productivity. There are no widgets to count, gauge, or graphically display your team’s productivity. Instead, productivity reflects how the team feels about its work and how you, as the team leader, feel about it. To build a productive team, you must provide your team members with the necessary tools, support, and a healthy work environment. Setting clear expectations, leading by example, and reducing meeting times are simple ways to boost productivity.

Additionally, you can try to:

Eliminate bottlenecks and increase autonomyDelegate responsibility to the lowest level to boost decision-making skillsCancel unnecessary meetingsEncourage casual conversation and activities that foster trust and relationshipsManage complex tasks and support underperforming employeesDistribute work based on people’s strengthsAvoid procrastination

Practices to Build a Productive Team

Making new working practices appealing and simple to adopt will help individuals accept them. Ideally, people will want to keep performing the new procedure if the results are positive. Practices with instant benefits are more likely to be accepted by people. Here are a few tips to boost your team’s productivity:

Demonstrate desired performance Influence team members by recognizing top performersMake gradual modificationsReward desired work and effortDo not make changes to processes that work well

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