Do You Possess Qualities of an Underperforming Manager?

An organization’s long-term success depends on its leaders’ and employees’ performance. They make daily operations successful and steer the company toward achieving its goals and objectives. However, when a team starts to underperform, managers must identify and rectify it before it impacts productivity and bottom-line business results. So, what are the signs of an underperforming manager? Why should you look out for ineffective leadership? In this article at CIO.com, Paul Heltzel shares the signs of a weaker leader and how to rethink the leadership approach.

Tell-Tale Signs of an Underperforming Manager

High Attrition Rate

Lack of empathy from the underperforming manager will undoubtedly lead to staff turnover. Experts believe that top management’s lack of support and motivation can cause high attrition.

Gender Bias

Various studies reveal that weak managers attributed women’s performance to characteristics such as luck or their ability to spend long hours in the office. Furthermore, they perceived these factors as a real commitment to the organization rather than their abilities and skills. Additionally, women often failed to receive due credit for their work.

Micromanagement, a Sign of an Underperforming Manager

Ineffective leaders direct the tiniest action taken by the workers. They direct everything done by their workers to manage the result. This form of leadership breeds resentment among workers because they feel an absence of autonomy and responsibility.

An Unsuccessful Team

Employee engagement plays a pivotal role in overall organizational success. For employees to perform well, leaders must recognize workers’ dedication and efforts on time. Lower employee engagement levels can harm the organization’s bottom line. When leaders commit to change, it results in improved attitude and performance.


“Some tech leaders promise too much and under-deliver,” says Heltzel. What makes a great leader is the ability to dream big and cast a vision of what could be. However, the organization’s reputation suffers if managers cannot deliver on ideas and promises. Therefore, before promising deliverables, managers must be aware of potentially dangerous outcomes of under-delivery.

To read more about the qualities of an underperforming manager, click on https://www.cio.com/article/305075/10-signs-youre-a-weaker-leader-than-you-think.html.

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