Can an Organizational Culture Upscale Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption has become an essential component for most businesses, but it is often tedious to implement and incorporate. There are several challenges that digital transformation poses. It is crucial to resolve them before they hamper business productivity. Many tech experts have asserted that organizational culture can help you enhance your digital shift without affecting the firm’s performance. In their article for IMD, Didier Bonnet and Michael R. Wade share how organizational culture can enhance your digital processes.

Tips to Encourage an Organizational Culture

Create a Safe Space for Your Organizational Culture

Many organizations do not have a transparent communication process among team members. It leads to a lack of accountability and a weak sense of leadership. It is crucial that you cultivate a culture of honesty that encourages open discussions. Such a culture will develop a sense of inquisitiveness among employees. A collaborative and innovative work environment will help your company implement digital changes effortlessly.

Come Up with Decisive Business Goals

Some companies are not sure of their digital ambitions. This makes their business plan vague. Before you plan what to accomplish, focus on how you plan to achieve your business goals. There is no problem testing and revising your immediate business objectives unless you move closer to your bigger goal.

Select an Appropriate Digital Governance Model

Bonnet mentions that the right governance model is greatly responsible for generating the profitability quotient in companies. Many companies are confused between tight integration and complete separation. In such a situation, it is better to select a digital governance model based on the digital maturity of your business. For instance, if you are developing a digital governance model in your firm for the first time, focus on centralization.

Upscale Your Digital Processes

Familiarize your team with your digital vision and how you plan to continue the process. Make sure you involve existing processes and digital frameworks. Secondly, focus on a dedicated digital initiative and incorporate it into different organizational departments. It is also advisable to measure the success and communicate the process at every step. It is necessary to scale the digital processes across the value chain.

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