Increase Your Digital Fluency with These Effective Tips

Companies have realized that it is crucial to encourage business language for a common understanding across departments. Some organizations have introduced digital fluency into their work culture but are unsure how to optimally promote it optimally. One of the main reasons why digital fluency is not keeping up with industry standards is the pace of innovation. Business professionals in the same company might have incompatible knowledge of technological advancements and market trends. Familiarizing them equally with the innovation before introducing digital fluency is vital. In her article for TechTarget, Mary K. Pratt talks about digital familiarization and how you can increase it in your professional setting.

Digital Fluency: An Unavoidable Business Tool

Digital fluency is a concept used to understand technical innovations and the future of industries. Pratt states several characteristics of a company and its leaders implementing digital familiarization. Some of them are as given below:

Business leaders are well-aware of the distinctions between innovation and digital transformation.Employees are aware of new technologies used in the firm.The workforce is aware of the tech requirements and is not duped by tech vendors.The workforce is also conscious of the benefits of a collaborative technological ecosystem.The organization is mindful of the advantages of technical training and workshops.

Importance of Digital Familiarization

Business leaders must understand that it is crucial to strategize and combine the firms’ business functions and the IT sector. To do so, CEOs should lead the change instead of CIOs because chief executive officers are better positioned to monitor business changes.

Tips to Increase the Digital Fluency Quotient  

Pratt shares some tips to improve your company’s digital familiarization quotient:

Educate your workforce on digital concepts.Create a consistent and precise definition of technical words.Attend meetings with technology vendors.Communicate your concerns with others.Nurture a digital ecosystem that rewards digital accomplishments.Focus on the expansion and collaboration of IT with different departments.Involve the CIO as a technical advisor.

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