Why Executive Support Is Vital For Tech Initiatives

According to research by Gartner, 80% of government agencies will fail to implement modern digital processes due to the lack of executive support. A digital government technology platform (DGTP) is an effective tool to integrate data and intelligence into the core of modern delivery models. Often considered a long-term strategy, DGTP plays a pivotal role in enhancing your team’s problem-solving skills and reducing operational costs. This modern technology platform encourages executive support and incorporates the modernization of legacy applications. In his article for Gartner, Robert Snow shares the importance of executive support for tech initiatives in the government sector.

Advantages of Executive Support in Government Agencies

Optimizes Your Investment

With the help of DGTP, government agencies can optimize their reusable components and focus on improving their application portfolios. DGTP also provides an effective overview to improve overall business capabilities. It reduces the duplicity of resources and allows agencies to meet the needs of changing technological trends.

Allows the Firm to Develop Solutions Faster

DGTP helps developers and business technologists reuse code or apply low-code integration. It allows them to come up with solutions faster. Such systems can help government institutions reduce problem-solving time and efficiently handle critical business situations.

Executive Support Enhances End Users’ Capabilities

Organizational performance relies primarily on providing effective solutions across departments. Executive support can help end-users delegate their jobs and responsibilities efficiently and solve problems quickly. Moreover, DGTP can remove the pressure of learning new tools from end-users to solve organizational issues.

When you plan to secure support, be mindful of these DGTP benefits. Make sure you convey the need for DGTP and how it will impact your leadership skills and business strategies. You should also highlight other advantages of DGTP, such as enhanced citizen experiences, cost reduction, and overall improvement in the digital ecosystem.

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