How Agile Practices Improve Software Development

In the wake of the pandemic, more teams and businesses are embracing Agile as a highly productive way to work. It is an excellent strategy for the new hybrid work environment. It encourages companies to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics and gain an edge over their rivals. Agile practices also aid in software development and fiscal health. However, despite the best efforts of many companies, enterprise agility still eludes them. This article at CIO Insight by Kara Sherrer shares five agile best practices for software development.

Types of Agile Practices for Software Development

There are many different Agile methodologies, including Scrum, Lean, Extreme Programming (XP), and more. All of these methodologies share principles that help unify them under the more comprehensive Agile approach. Regardless of your preferred methodology, it is essential to keep in mind several best practices for effective Agile software development.

Five Agile Best Practices

Agile encourages stakeholder engagement throughout the project cycle. This enables project managers to incorporate changes easily at various stages and ensures stakeholder satisfaction.A Scrum approach of multiple short weekly meetings ensures all stakeholders are aware of any challenges. This avoids the delay of even a single business day.Agile practices highly advocate open communication, increased collaboration, and transparency. A project can quickly fall apart if the team members are not updated.Agile development recommends choosing which tasks to do and in what order. You can determine these priorities in various ways. Some common ones include first-in/first-out and MoSCoW (Must-haves, Should-haves, Could-haves, Won’t-haves).Sprints are time-limited periods in which a team must complete defined tasks based on priority. It is vital to identify dependencies before the sprint begins to prevent bottlenecks. Furthermore, project managers must have a retrospective meeting to learn what worked and what did not.

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