Is Your Customer Data at Risk?

Privacy concerns are more prevalent than any other issue for customers. While collecting customer data, businesses often accumulate more intrusive information. Thus, eventually putting employee and customer data at risk. Many business owners would say there is minimal risk. They would be mistaken. Some business owners tend to have an unconquerable approach. Though they know data breaches occur, they do not think that those incidents will affect them. The data security problem is compounded by the fact that many small business owners feel they cannot afford the protection, even if they want to invest in it. This article by Sherly Krafy at Hackernoon speaks about six practices you can adopt to protect your customers from identity theft.

Customer Data Can Influence the Fate of a Business

In addition to time and resources dedicated to attracting and retaining customers, businesses today can lose customers for good with one data breach or other loss of personal information. Since the beginning of the digital age, businesses have collected a growing amount of personally identifiable customer information. So, combating identity theft has become a top priority for companies trusted to safeguard customer and employee personal data.

Six Steps to Protect Your Customer’s Data

Build a robust cyber security culture by recommending simple steps like changing passwords regularly. Opting for cloud storage and implementing multiple authentications to protect data online.Patch your systems regularly with the latest software updates to protect them from any vulnerabilities.Invest in a shredder. Ensure to shred any papers that contain sensitive information post usage.Grant requirement-based database access to employees. This will allow granular control of data security.Monitor business credit to detect any anomaly and deal with malicious activities immediately.Generate data backup to avoid information loss due to unforeseen reasons or cyberattacks.

To read the original article, click on https://hackernoon.com/digital-security-6-best-practices-to-protect-your-customers-from-identity-theft

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