Collaborate With Security Officers to Combat Cyber Safety Issues

The trend toward conducting businesses online and the need to address security and safety issues have led to the introduction of a new role—trust and safety officer. The job responsibility of a trust and safety officer is to help IT leaders design and implement policies to provide consumers with confidence that their online experience will be safe. In this article at TechRepublic, Veronica Combs explains the importance of trust and safety officers in the leadership team.

Traditional Models of Addressing Safety Issues Are Changing

The rapid shift to remote work and acceleration in digital business initiatives by new working models have altered traditional business strategies. These factors have led many organizations to review their approach for the better and drive positive change. Today, companies must protect the integration of user accounts, prevent account takeover, and avoid payment fraud. In other words, solutions for trust and safety issues need an in-depth approach. Furthermore, organizations must ensure security is inherent in every business-related decision.

Roles and Responsibilities of Safety Officers

Trust and safety officers must work in parallel looking at an organization’s physical and online security posture. To develop robust cybersecurity measures, trust and safety officers must have the right team to be successful. The team must include:

Moderators to monitor content, take action on content that violates organizational guidelines and review user postsAnalysts to determine the effectiveness of the enterprise’s trust and safety measuresA legal resource to serve as a part of the company’s law enforcement response teamA project manager who collaborates with other teams including product, engineering, and communications to ensure everyone is in sync with the security measures taken by the organization

With companies and consumers moving toward online transactions, securing confidential information and maintaining data privacy are gaining momentum. Given the wide variety of digital activities, the role of trust and safety officers will continue to expand in the years to come. To learn more about combating cyber safety issues, click on https://www.techrepublic.com/article/why-you-need-to-add-a-trust-and-safety-officer-to-the-leadership-team/.

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