Ready to Answer These Risk Management Board Questions?

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Cybercriminals always find a way around every new technology that cybersecurity professionals invent. Therefore, businesses need new leadership approaches to manage cybersecurity risks. To implement robust security strategies, the risk management board must ask their IT teams the most nuanced questions about how they are protecting intellectual property, data, and customer information. In this article at Gartner, Ashutosh Gupta shares the questions that C-suite executives will undoubtedly ask.

Questions that Every Risk Management Board Asks

Is Our Company Protected, and How Do We Know?

Risk management board members often come across threat reports, articles, blogs, and news segments. Additionally, they are constantly under pressure from vendors and prospects to thoroughly understand the risk and its impact on businesses. A company cannot be 100% protected, and a breach will likely happen. However, having a plan to prevent cybersecurity breaches is crucial. Therefore, the board wants to know if your IT team has conducted vendor risk assessments and is up-to-date on certifications and attestations.

Will Outsourced IT Increase Security Concerns?

Entrusting customer data and critical files to a third party will have a devastating effect on your organization, especially if they are less competent on the security front. The risk management board is responsible for protecting sensitive information, no matter who handles it. Therefore, as an IT team leader, you must “explain the business impact of risk management decisions and ensure that your positions are supported by evidence,” says Gupta.

What is Our Most Sensitive Data?

The question could come up in reference to any security incident, including data breaches. To answer such questions, prepare a list of data sets ranging from high priority to low priority. Additionally, outline weaknesses or gaps that need the board’s attention and provide a mitigation plan. The details will help the board to create a strategy for protecting your company’s crucial data.

Have We Invested in the Latest Threat Detection Tools?

Many businesses fail to invest in the latest threat monitoring and detection tools. Properly implementing these tools will allow you to uncover weak spots. Furthermore, these tools help business leaders to customize their responses and enhance their protection level. When board members question you regarding the latest cyber defense tools, clearly describe if your business is running on cutting-edge cyber defense technology or lagging far behind in the competition.

What other questions will the risk management board ask you? Are you curious to know? Click on https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/5-security-questions-board-will-definitely-ask to read the original article.

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