Software Development Risk Every Developer Should Know

Software security is a critical topic that business leaders must pay attention to. Even in this ever-evolving threat landscape, many developers still perceive security as interference that raises hurdles and forces them to perform rework. However, insecure software will undoubtedly put businesses at increased risk. Therefore, organizations must take the necessary steps to minimize software development risk and integrate security into the development lifecycle. In this article at InfoWorld, Isaac Sacolick explains the security risks in software development and how to address them.

Software Development Risk & Ways to Mitigate It

Weak Management of Sensitive Data

Security experts believe that managing sensitive data goes beyond security. With a large amount of data flowing, integrating data privacy, governance, and security into automated workflows must be IT leaders’ priority. Furthermore, CIOs must also adopt proactive data governance, educate developers on data management best practices, and label sensitive data.

Improper Authentication and Authorization

Authentication is verifying the identity of a user, and authorization is determining what users are allowed to do. Not everyone with a password should be allowed to access everything in the database. Developers must employ both authentication and authorization to secure data.

Falling Behind on Updates

Software updates do not always mean adding the latest and greatest features. It can be scanning code for vulnerabilities, encrypting connections, and running penetration tests. If the development team fails to build secure software, risk can magnify at a larger scale. It can also provide threat actors unintended access to data or application functions.

Poor Governance as a Software Development Risk

“Clearly defined policies, governance, and management practices around open source usage, tool selection, and technology lifecycle management are needed to mitigate risks,” says Sacolick. Every organization differs in best practices. Some companies follow more openness. In contrast, other business models are less risk-tolerant and follow stricter procedures. To strike a balanced policy between innovation and security, leaders must establish a team to define policy standards, tools, metrics, and governance procedures.

Do you want to learn more about software development risk? Click on https://www.infoworld.com/article/3607914/6-security-risks-in-software-development-and-how-to-address-them.html to read the original article.

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