Here Is the Secret to Building High-Performing Teams

Given the immense opportunities and difficulties that almost all organizations face today, every business leader is aware of the urgent need for transformation. While recognizing the need for change might occasionally be simple, collaborating and setting up a shared agenda with others is challenging. Individual success and performance matter, but outstanding teams are just as crucial to business success. Building high-performing teams have become more vital for businesses because digital technologies are changing workplaces rapidly. This article by Greg Satell at Digital Tonto discusses strategies and tips for building a high-performing team.

About High-Performing Teams

The biggest misconception about innovation is that people think it is just about hiring talented people with good ideas. Rather, it is about hiring individuals motivated by the issues you are inclined to tackle. This is the first step toward creating a transformative team and designing solutions to achieve your goals.

Amy Edmondson, a Harvard professor who has studied the workplace for decades, has discovered that psychological safety —the ability of each team member to express their ideas without fear of retaliation or rebuke—is essential for effective, creative teams. Google too has a similar conclusion. A toxic work environment decreases productivity, and one disruptive employee can cause important employees to leave the organization. Therefore, it is better to get rid of unpleasant people than to let them undermine the effectiveness of an entire team, even if they are excellent individual performers. The teams that collaborate well are the most transformative.

High-Performing Team Interaction

Although recent years have seen a significant improvement in the quality of remote working tools, you still need to take the time to cultivate genuine relationships with individuals you work with. This may entail infrequent calls for team-building activities unrelated to ongoing projects or setting up routine in-person team meetings for remote employees.

Additionally, the author speaks about talent building.

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