What Problems Plague Employees Hired During the Pandemic?

The pandemic has probably been the most important catalyst for rapid changes in businesses worldwide. Even though certain industries have historically lost jobs, others have experienced consistent growth. Many companies have followed and adopted impressive paths driven by changing consumer demand. Every aspect of daily operations, from complex strategic planning to securing logistics, has advanced and changed swiftly. The talent acquisition sector of hiring new employees is one such sector of business that has significantly evolved. This article at Tech Republic by Patrick Gray speaks about how pandemic employees feel disconnected from their company, team leader, and colleagues.

Challenges of a Pandemic Employee

The COVID-19 outbreak accelerated the shift to full-time remote work in the corporate environment. Even though onboarding has historically presented opportunities for many businesses, remote onboarding has presented new difficulties for employers and new recruits. There are some potential drawbacks of virtual onboarding. For instance, ethical company culture is lost, resulting in uncertainty about the organization’s objectives, values, attitudes, and behaviors. Pandemic employees may feel disconnected, causing a conflict of ideas, miscommunication, and ambiguity over the employer’s expectations. Additionally, missing interpersonal connections with others at work can lead to poor team dynamics. While 10% of HR managers reportedly had no idea how new hires were adapting, 31% indicated that pandemic hires were struggling to connect with their colleagues.

Reorienting Pandemic Employees

Though new remote employees know their job and administrative tasks well, they struggle to understand the company’s culture and vision. This makes it impossible for them to see the job beyond a source of income. Therefore, leaders must share the company’s vision and explain how the team contributes to making it achievable. Additionally, you must include team-building activities like team lunches or sharing personal stories to add the human touch. This will also help organizations with long-term retention.

To read the original article, click on https://www.techrepublic.com/article/reorienting-virtual-hires/

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