Musk’s Boring Company Has New Updates. Check Out Here!

You must have heard about Elon Musk’s venture The Boring Company. The project has received new funding recently, and the progress is quite visible. The entrepreneur has started the venture to facilitate several transformations in the near future. He envisions building an infrastructure that would enable low-maintenance but high transport efficiency. The catch is that the only vehicles that can go through the Boring Company’s tunnels are Teslas. Nonetheless, though one of the initial target cities for this project is New York, it can spread across Europe and Australia. The recent $675 million Series C funding allows the company’s vision to be nearing reality. It started boring 1.14 miles of a high-speed tunnel in 2017 in Hawthorne, California. In 2018, the company announced the tunnel entry fee to be $1 after a free entry on Day One. Watch the Tech Division video to know more about its updates.

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