Modern Tech or Legacy Modernization: What to Choose?

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IT leadership is often unaware of different tech stack components that might block their way to technological growth. Some businesses are unfamiliar with the advantages and applications of different IT infrastructures. For instance, some companies prefer a mainframe data storage setup even when they have a remote workforce. Both mainframe and cloud infrastructures have their individual benefits. Businesses need to align the components of modern tech per their businesses’ needs and ultimate goals. In their article for CIO Dive, Katie Malone and Roberto Torres share their insights on implementing modern tech in organizations.

Modern Tech or Legacy: What and When to Implement

Aim for an Enterprise That Can Support Both

Eric Drobisewski, a senior architect at Liberty Mutual Insurance, mentions that it is better to promote companies that use both legacy storage and modern data structures. It will allow companies to bolster their existing situation while empowering emerging opportunities.

Keep End-Users’ Comfort in Mind

Many CIOs prefer to strategize their IT structure, focusing on full-stack observability. It gives various business departments a better opportunity to familiarize themselves with IT systems. A dedicated IT department can resolve issues other employees face without causing any delay.

Think of Modern Tech as a New Data Currency

A modern stack that facilitates an API-first concept leads to effortless integration of organizational agility into IT systems. The modern stack will also reduce technical debt and support business changes with agile systems.

Focus on An Evolving Architecture

It is the responsibility of a CIO to leverage existing legacy technology while easing the process of modern data facilitation. A CIO should also focus on evolving the data infrastructure and finding a balance between planning and tech execution.

Accept the Challenges of Modern Tech

Acknowledging modern data infrastructure allows you to improve and reinforce different components of the overall IT infrastructure. Introducing a modern tech infrastructure will help you boost the team’s confidence and the ability to incorporate innovative tech methods.

Incorporate the Ability to Change

It is crucial to motivate your workforce to welcome change and outline its benefits for a better organizational future.

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