How to Secure Your Network from Potential Threats

Digital disruption has made it easier for businesses to connect with clients and consumers. It also aids production efficiency and reduces the probability of errors. However, digital disruption has also increased exposure to cyberattacks. Many companies strive to enhance their network security but are unaware of the most effective methods. To learn how to secure your network, you need to be mindful of modern technological trends. In her article for The Ascent, Patricia Staino shares several operational methods to enhance your network security.

How to Secure Your Network from Potential Threats

Stop Using the Same Password Across Different Platforms

Every professional has various accounts on different platforms. Most use the same password to save time because it is easy to remember. However, they do not understand that the same passwords make it easy for hackers to get into their accounts. Use different passwords for every platform. You can use password managers that generate and store passwords with optimum security.

Integrate a Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network (VPN) helps you protect your anonymity when connecting through a public network. VPN also allows encrypting your data to save your communication network from external interception. 

Implement Spam Filters and Anti-Malware Software  

Most businesses use spam filters and antivirus software on their email gateways to protect their systems from phishing attacks. Spam filters can block traffic based on global threat dictionaries. Furthermore, anti-malware software reveals potential threats in your system.

Incorporate Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) reduces the risk of data and network security breaches even if the hackers have your password. It is the right choice if you want to learn how to secure your network without intricate security models.

Promote Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Wondering how to secure your network associated with mobile devices? It is best to promote a culture of mobile device management that enhances encryption and regulatory compliance.

How to Secure Your Network with System Updates

If you are working from home, make sure you update your system regularly. It is better to consult your IT team and ask them how regularly you should update your system.

How to Secure Your Network by Training Your Team

Here is a list of topics you should keep in mind when training your workforce:

Evaluate your cybersecurity policy.Prefer using work email for office purposes.Identify phishing emails.Do not overshare on social media.Avoid forwarding work emails on your personal email account.Train your team to combat ransomware attacks.Conduct a workshop to tackle malicious files.

Keep a Regular Backup of Your Data

Even if you try your best to optimize network security, there will be times it may become compromised. Develop a comprehensive backup solution. Be aware of modern cloud data solutions and how they may benefit your company. 

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