Is Solar EV the Future of the Automobile Industry?

The world is changing at a dramatic rate, be it in the context of business development or ecological imbalance. Many companies are making their fair share of contributions to the ecosystem’s betterment, but there is still a long road ahead. In such a scenario, Aptera’s solar electric vehicle (EV) aspires to reduce carbon emissions and make traveling more fun. In one of their recent videos, CNET shares how Aptera’s solar EV might herald an era of solar automobiles. Chris Anthony, co-CEO of Aptera Motors, noted that the solar EV achieves a mileage rating of 100 watt-hours per mile. Because of Its aerodynamic structure and three-wheeled design, it is more efficient in absorbing sunlight. For instance, you are driving to work 20 miles away. Park the EV in the sun for eight hours, and it will be charged for a return trip of another 20 miles of travel.

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