Technical Skills: Why Upskilling Is a High Priority

If you are not moving forward in business, you are moving backwards. Therefore, it is imperative for companies to constantly upgrade their technology and technical skills of their workforce as they assess their future business models. Companies must closely examine their investment in the skill development of their workforce to maintain their competitive edge. Upskilling and reskilling employees are imperative for businesses to get the most out of that investment. This article at TechRepublic by Esther Shein shares the findings of DevOps Institute’s Upskilling IT report.

DevOps Institute’s Upskilling IT Global Study on Technical Skills

The DevOps Institute’s Upskilling IT global study for 2022 found that 52% of respondents from around the world claimed their company has a formal upskilling program. Comparatively, in the institute’s research from 2021, 32% of respondents said their company had one program only. Furthermore, per the report, PwC and Salesforce are two businesses that have created effective upskilling initiatives and serve as ‘great examples to learn from.’

PwC has developed the Digital Fitness app2 with training tools for various in-demand areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality. The program, which is now accessible to the public, enables employees and others to obtain micro-degrees and certifications.

Salesforce’s Trailhead3 digital upskilling program enables students to gain certificates and build in-demand skills. Per the report, participants begin by choosing a job path, such as a developer or data analyst, and then finish the “trail” for that vocation.

Why Upskilling Is of Paramount Importance

Many organizations are upgrading their legacy systems, which requires new capabilities. However, many companies have difficulty implementing them because of technical debt. Additionally, a skills gap and a lack of resources are among the top three problems facing IT firms. The talent crunch situation is predicted to persist for years to come.

The report predicts that by 2030, the global talent shortage could reach 85 million people, resulting in unrealized revenues of $8.5 trillion.

Furthermore, the DevOps Institute predicts that there will be a global shortage of over 545,000 software developers by 2026.

While cognitive skills make up 47% of the skills gaps, technical skills amount to 47%. Meanwhile, process and framework skills make up 45%.

Furthermore, the author speaks about five essential technical skills and priorities of CFOs, CIOs, and their business partners.

To read the original article, click on https://www.techrepublic.com/article/upskilling-must-be-a-global-organizational-imperative/

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