Executive Skills List: Have You Mastered These Qualities?

Anyone can be a leader, but one must possess solid leadership skills to be an excellent leader and thrive in the position. If you have ever asked senior leaders what it takes to rise to the C-suite position, their answers include exclusive presence, experience, networking, confidence, and timing. Whether you are up for a managerial job or hoping to become a better leader in your current role, there are several professional skills you need to possess. In this article at Corporate Governance Institute, Beth Weber shares the executive skills list for you to become a successful leader.

Executive Skills List to Thrive in Leadership Positions

Be Receptive to Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is a sensitive process. The goal is to improve leadership skills without disrupting the boardroom’s collaborative culture,” says Weber. Create anonymous surveys and send them to trusted contacts to get candid responses. Surveys can help you understand how others perceive you and what they expect from your position.

Be a Great Communicator

Be clear and concise, and have a confident aura. Structure your presentation or questions so that the bottom line comes first. Then, add analysis and details as needed. Beyond the discussion topic, consider your voice modulation and accompanying non-verbal behaviors. Ask yourself if you are making good eye contact and standing up straight. Dress in a way that fits the situation and matches the image you want to project. Your communication is a part of the executive skills list and strongly contributes to your presence.

Being Fully Present Tops the Executive Skills List

Leaders often find it challenging to be fully present in any meeting. Many organizations demand executives to work on several things at once. If you want to hone your leadership skills, train yourself to focus on boardroom skills. Worrying about the other work you could be doing or letting your mind wander can be a harmful habit. You may miss valuable information and insights if you are not focused.

Are you curious to learn more about the executive skills list? Click on https://www.thecorporategovernanceinstitute.com/insights/guides/if-you-want-to-lead-you-need-these-skills/.

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