How to Rebuild the Culture of Innovation Post-Pandemic

What makes an organization successful? An understanding of the market? A value-driven customer focus? Or the digital transformation from a tech and cultural standpoint? All of these factors contribute to an enterprise’s success. So, how can business leaders drive innovation post-pandemic that goes beyond generating a couple of new ideas? In this article at CIO, Manish Mathuria explains some steps toward a more innovative business culture.

Ways to Drive Innovation Post-Pandemic

Empower Every Employee to Innovate

Instead of focusing purely on tasks and activities, turn your attention to outcomes and look for better ways to reach them. Move your business into the ‘now’ and start to reassess every legacy decision your business made,” says Mathuria. Furthermore, to successfully innovate, external experts must guide internal talents to find new ideas and give them a try. Organizations must find the right talent inside and outside the team to take innovation post-pandemic to the next level.

Embrace a Multi-Faceted Approach to Innovation Post-Pandemic

Leaders often believe innovation happens in brainstorming sessions where employees develop clever marketing strategies and campaigns to launch and sell a product or service. However, experts think leaders must consider a multi-faceted approach to innovation across the organization. For example, start with the ‘4 Ps’—profit models, processes, products, and policies. Break innovations into these factions and handle them as individual challenges. This will allow you to move faster and with more operational agility.

Reward Innovative Thinking

An incentive scheme structured around innovation is beneficial for promoting an innovative culture. However, financial reward is not the only way to do so. Facilitate creativity and curiosity at every turn. Celebrate your employees’ efforts to innovate, even if your business does not implement their idea. Every innovative idea can lay the groundwork for future change. Rewarding innovation as a best practice will undoubtedly go a long way and will ultimately pay off when innovating drives new success.

To learn more about how you can drive innovation post-pandemic, click on https://www.cio.com/article/189258/3-steps-toward-a-more-innovative-business-culture.html.

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