Want to Delegate Leadership? Here’s How

Are you facing a time shortage to get everything done? Are your administrative tasks like completing expense reports and invoicing falling through the cracks? It is high time to hire an assistant. Hiring the right deputy enhances your work culture and helps leaders remain forward-focused while planning and accomplishing goals. In this article at TechRepublic, Patrick Gray explains how to delegate leadership and make the business case to hire a ‘right hand.’

When Should You Delegate Leadership?

Many leaders assume that ensuring nothing falls through the cracks is their responsibility. Furthermore, they manage details, run individual projects, and work on their operational role. However, you may be an exceptional strategist but struggle with detailed execution as a leader. These are precisely the kinds of things that leaders should delegate to their deputies. “Good leaders know where their energies are best deployed and will allocate projects and tasks that come their way to others when they’re not the best person for the job, even if it’s an incredibly interesting or valuable project,” says Gray.

The Hiring Process

When you decide to delegate leadership, you must be clear on what you need and gauge how many hours you will need from your deputy. You must also know if you want to hire someone part-time, full-time, or virtual. Once you identify potential candidates, assess their strengths and weaknesses. Give each candidate a test that could provide clues about their work styles. Tests help you learn to what extent the candidates are detail-oriented.

Once you find the right candidate, provide them with adequate training. Set the learning curve. An assistant should save you a minimum of two hours daily so you may regain your productivity to build and grow your business.

To learn more on how to delegate leadership, click on https://www.techrepublic.com/article/making-the-case-for-a-deputy/.

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