Cybersecurity Training for Employees: Why Is It Needed?

Can you envision the consequences of employees’ confidential and personal data being leaked to a hacker? Can your employees distinguish an official C-suite executive email from a fake message? As hackers launch sophisticated attacks, cybersecurity training for employees ensures your staff is well-equipped against highly-skilled criminals. In this article at IT Governance, Luke Irwin explains why security training and effective information security practices are essential for employees.

Why is Cybersecurity Training for Employees Crucial?

To Combat Data Breaches

According to studies, it takes companies, on average, 197 days to identify a data security breach. Additionally, it can take up to another 69 days to contain it. These staggering numbers make it critical for business leaders to implement solid security programs for employees. Security training prepares employees to effectively mitigate cyber risks and protect sensitive client information.

To Upgrade Information Security Standards

Protecting sensitive business information goes beyond strong passwords. Training employees about safe online computing, social engineering, and secure passwords is essential to creating a cybersecurity culture. Furthermore, cybersecurity training for employees ensures staff understands challenges faced by security issues and helps them deal with any problems that crop up. In addition, training programs demonstrate how various procedures and frameworks coordinate and work together.

To Meet Policy and Compliance Requirements

The stakes associated with the position are huge; if the data protection officer (DPO) does not perform their tasks in accordance with the GDPR’s requirements, the organization is liable to face regulatory action,” says Irwin. Therefore, creating enforceable policies for workers for their protection can be an effective way to minimize business risks. Furthermore, having documented procedures that are regularly updated is a great way to do this and plays a significant role when supporting regulatory compliance standards.

To read more about cybersecurity training programs, click on https://www.itgovernance.co.uk/blog/3-reasons-cyber-security-training-is-essential.

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