Here’s How High-Frequency Sound Waves Are Disrupting Tech

LeviPrint has pioneered a technology that uses high-frequency sound waves to levitate objects and has opened up endless possibilities. In one of their recent videos, CNET shares how these disrupting tech functions can benefit industries in the coming years. One of the researchers at CNET asserts that sound waves can help assemble complex objects by levitating the required pieces into position. The frequency used in these processes is 2x higher than what humans can hear. The sound waves can prove extremely helpful in enhancing nanotechnology procedures. In addition, this technology reduces the risk of cross-contamination that is often experienced when using robots. One of the other crucial advantages of high-frequency sound waves is that the machine can be used to levitate any object regardless of its size. LeviPrint mentions that the sound wave levitating model is still a work in progress. It will take more time before it can be launched and used commercially.

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