Is Autonomy’s EV Buy-In a Commercially Viable Plan?

Autonomy has made its mark as an innovative EV subscription company. Recently, it made an experimental decision. The company plans to buy 23,000 electrical vehicles (EVs) from Tesla, GM, and Ford in the coming years. In an interview with Emily Chang, Founder and CEO Scott Painter discusses Autonomy’s EV buy-in plan at length. He plans to rent EVs to people at a considerably low cost. This will benefit the environment, people, and car manufacturing firms. When asked about the variety of automobiles they will offer, Painter adds that he wants to provide more options to customers. He is focusing on accommodating 17 automakers that will collectively contribute 23,000 EVs in 12-18 months. Painter further adds one more reason why Autonomy’s EV buy-in plan will be a success. The concept allows people to get familiar with the technology without making an ownership commitment. This will help customers make a more informed decision when they plan to buy an EV.

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