PM Resource Leveling: What Is It? Where Is It Used?

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A project is running at full speed with all the resources on board. However, one of the project resources falls ill, so the manager has to readjust and reassign tasks among the other team members. This is project management resource leveling, i.e., readjusting of assignments when resources are not available. When resources are scarce, you have to reassign tasks until a time when they are available. In this article at the Digital Project Manager, Jinky Elizan shares further details about project management resource leveling.

Resource Leveling: Definition, Pros, Cons, and Processes


Per the Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK), it is “a technique in which start and finish dates are adjusted based on resource constraints to balance the demand for resources with the available supply.”

Means to Maximum Resource Usage

The resource leveling process enables you to benefit from a flexible schedule. But when you have a critical and tight deadline to reach, resource smoothing is your best option.

Unlike the smoothing process, the leveling approach prioritizes resource optimization more than meeting the original timeline.

In fact, the resource leveling process might allow you to change the project’s critical path. If you do not want to move away from the critical path, you might have to extend the deadline. So, high-priority projects receive more preference for resource allocation.

When to Leverage Resource Leveling

The required resource is free for a limited time frame. You adjust the time to get the individual on board.A resource is working on multiple projects. You modify the QA and auditing processes for all the projects to help the resource work comfortably.Only one system is available per two resources. You prioritize the high-level project first.A resource is working on two related, overlapping tasks. You allow the resource to complete the high-priority task before the low-priority one.Instead of overburdening one resource, you allocate to them the task hours that would give the maximum productivity.

Advantages to Boast About

You can get tasks done without hiring extra hands.The scheduling process is more realistic.You can fully optimize resource allocation considering all the dependencies.You have better chances of project success with resource leveling.


The technique cannot work when you do not have a flexible schedule.Since it might change the schedule, project delays may occur.

The Process

When a resource is available, schedule the task for that day.When unavailable, schedule the same task on the date when the resource is available.For overlapping tasks and sufficient resource availability, assign on the same date.For overlapping tasks and limited resources, assign the high-priority tasks first.

Tools for Help

If manual resource leveling seems complex, you can utilize applications related to project or resource management, handling, and scheduling. To view the original article, visit the following link: https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/project-management-resource-leveling/

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