Project Leaders, Improve Your Risk Appetite Definition

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A lot of people think that management is a simple task. You get work from clients, divide the tasks among the team members, and voila! You have a product that you can deliver on time and within budget. So, it is pointless to invest in various PM tools, right? Project managers would disagree. There are several intricacies in management that are not visible to the untrained eye and can pose a high risk to the project. So, project managers must keep updating their risk appetite definition. In this article at the Association for Project Management, Richard Noble shares such knowledge to prepare you for your job.

Risk Appetite Definition

Go for High-Risk Projects

Of course, you have to measure the pros and cons of high-risk projects more carefully than regular ones. But do not let that stop you from becoming a market pioneer. Several companies that choose the high-tech, high-risk path have become leaders in their respective industries.

Keep Going Despite Roadblocks

There will be enthusiastic supporters at the beginning of the project. Later, some will back out. Some might even halt the project for a period. However, do not lose hope. Keep networking with other or potential stakeholders to motivate and involve them in the project. Your risk appetite definition must inspire them to take the plunge.

Inculcate a Forward-Thinking Team

There are times when you might feel the risk is higher than the return. But how do you know unless you go through it? Consider those risks as opportunities and build business cases around them. Who knows? The result could be a new feature your team will work on later and integrate into your product’s next release.

Though it is possible to fail often, failure is the definitive way to succeed. Until you try to increase your risk appetite definition, you will not know what you are capable of.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.apm.org.uk/blog/why-project-professionals-need-to-up-the-ante-when-taking-risks/

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