Project Management Challenges During SaaS Execution

Do you face project management challenges often, even after planning well ahead? Dave Gordon, author, and expert from The Practicing IT Project Management blog says preparing too much in advance can also create issues. While planning is applicable for civil engineering projects, software system requirements change frequently. That is why Agile methods, which emphasize frequent iterations, get better results and success. In this Rebel’s Guide to Project Management article, Elizabeth Harrin and Gordon discuss management challenges companies face during SaaS implementation.

How to Handle Project Management Challenges

Probable Project Management Challenges

Gordon describes how companies fail to recognize that SaaS implementation is customer-centric and not technology-based. So, when you are shifting your data from legacy systems to a SaaS-based architecture, you need to adjust the data to fit the formatting. You must restructure your data by formatting suitable data models to get value from historical information.Most businesses do not know how to help users because no internal resources are available with the required SaaS knowledge. This is one of the many management challenges that can become a business bottleneck.Some companies have multiple ties to third parties. But they do not know how to integrate the new technology platform into their security framework.

What Project Managers Face

Different stakeholders with varied interests join the decision-making process—external and internal.With multiple integrations, one of the key management challenges is complying with all the established protocols.

While these are some management challenges, finding a more innovative option is sometimes best. More disruption will occur in the near future, and companies will have to face them one way or another. You must take a flexible yet stable path to overcome these barriers.

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