Have You Overcome These Supply Chain Challenges Yet?

Digitization has touched upon all aspects of businesses, including supply chains. Technology has helped companies to transform their traditional supply chain structure into more flexible, agile, and collaborative digital models. However, in many organizations, pitfalls stop them from achieving digital transformation success in their supply chain operations. So, what are the supply chain challenges? Why do changes fail at such a high rate? This article at Verdict discusses why the supply chains’ digital transformation often fails.

Supply Chain Challenges You Must Be Aware Of

A Deficit of Talent

According to studies, 41% of leaders believed that lacking skilled employees with strong technical and functional abilities was the greatest obstacle to their digital transformation initiatives. To overcome the challenge, companies must seek out third-party vendors to close gaps between functions and nurture internal talent. Experts believe organizations can successfully scale digitization capabilities with an external partner while protecting their capital and internal skills.

Poor Organizational Competencies Is One of the Significant Supply Chain Challenges

Though external consulting partners can drive the strategy, organizations must develop internal competencies to sustain digital transformation efforts. There is no shortcut to investing in the workforce. With technological evolution, enterprises must rethink the role of their staff and the skills they need to smoothly transition into the increasingly digital realm. Investment in the workforce is an essential change management aspect.

The Wrong Approach

Companies spend lots of time and effort developing highly detailed plans. When implementing the new way of working, the generic ‘best practices’ templates become insufficient. Therefore, businesses must pursue small pilot programs based on low, medium, and high-value priorities to facilitate enterprise-wide change. Additionally, the process details must be co-created by engaging key stakeholders across all levels of the organization.

Digitizing supply chain operations is much more than technology. Companies must be willing to adapt their processes, capabilities, and management systems to digitally transform the supply chain operations. Additionally, enterprises must be willing to learn, adapt and change as they go. And above all, they must ensure that their employees and stakeholders are with them throughout their journey. To read more about supply chain challenges, click on https://www.verdict.co.uk/digital-transformation-supply-chain-issues/.

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