How to Effectively Handle the Top Digital Innovation Issues

Digital transformation, undoubtedly, presents unique opportunities for organizations to innovate and grow. At the same time, it also forces leaders to critically rethink the business’s core aspects. From security funding to transitioning to digital enterprises, several innovation issues can hinder a company’s most ambitious initiatives. In this article at TechTarget, John Moore elaborates on how laggards must master the basics to get on the innovation path. He also explains how digital business leaders must strive to stay ahead of the competition.

Innovation Issues to Overcome During the Digital Transformation Process

Every business, regardless of where it exists on the digital leader-laggard spectrum, has something at stake,” says Moore. Here are some of the most significant barriers to digital transformation.

Adoption of New Tools and Processes

New processes and technologies often present innovation issues. For example, lagging IT companies are demanded to focus on implementing technology. In contrast, leaders must find innovative ways to expand their business opportunities and revenue streams through new processes and tools. Furthermore, organizations may also face challenges in the form of resistance to change from tenured employees. To overcome these challenges, leaders must provide comprehensive training to employees to make them productive and proficient with tools.

Security, One of the Digital Innovation Issues

Because cybersecurity is fast-changing, complex, and dynamic, data security concerns leaders. According to studies, 55% of companies said security was their number-one challenge when implementing digital enablement technologies. Therefore, CIOs must embed security into all applications as their first line of defense. Furthermore, they must also spread security responsibilities to different departments to handle challenges.

Lack of Overall Digitization Strategy

The author explains that the highly distributed nature of industries keeps many businesses stuck in the pilot mode. Moreover, many companies that succeeded in pilots have failed to scale them across the whole company. CIOs must set goals to reach out and give employees the power to handle digital innovation issues. Organizations cannot achieve digital transformation success without a robust strategy, leadership commitment, and clear metrics.

To read more about digital innovation issues, click on https://www.techtarget.com/searchcio/feature/Laggards-leaders-face-digital-transformation-challenges.

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