Employee Awareness Training Best Practices

Recent reports suggest that 85 percent of company cyber hacks occur due to human errors. It might be that they did not know about the latest threat landscape. Or they did not have the knowledge to detect any anomaly. But awareness about such things can help companies to avoid cyber attacks altogether. How do you ensure that people are more proactive on this front? In this article at IT Business Edge, learn how employee awareness training can help address these challenges.

What to Implement for Employee Awareness Training

Implement Regular Training Sessions

Companies must conduct training sessions at least once a year. However, recent cyber-attack frequency makes it imperative to host these sessions more often. Nicole Moore, senior analyst at DTEX Systems, insists on sending security-related emails to all the staff twice per month. Use free resources like CISA, NCSA, FedVTE, etc., for the latest updates.

Make the Sessions Memorable

Interactive sessions enable people to remember things more than just having a passive lecture. Debbie Gordon, CEO and founder of Cloud Range, explains, “This creates muscle memory and allows the company to be more prepared to detect and respond to an attack.”

Identify the Major Risks

Jason Stirland, CTO at DeltaNet International, suggests you perform an audit to understand the major threats to your company. Furthermore, Moore insists that real-time feedback can make your employee awareness training more relevant for day-to-day implementation.

Make It Everyone’s Business

IT team alone cannot look after the myriads of networks in the company. Everyone must understand what the company expects from all to enhance the overall security of the organization. Nobody can be left out of the security processes.

Don’t Demoralize During an Employee Awareness Training

If the staff members fail to recognize the data breach indicators during employee awareness training, do not overtly criticize them. Additionally, do not leave everything to their judgment. Establish systems and alerts that can detect anomalies automatically. To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.itbusinessedge.com/security/cybersecurity-awareness-best-practices/

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