Your DevOps Development Process Must Include Security

Do you know why a DevOps development process must include security best practices? Google’s recent Accelerate State of DevOps Report suggests that these protocols enable companies to have better performance. Interestingly, security is one of the factors that leads to DevOps success for industry-leading companies. Per the report, “as technology teams continue to accelerate and evolve, so do the quantity and sophistication of security threats.” In this article at CIO Insight, Drew Robb shares how security best practices can further enhance the power of DevOps.

How to Enhance the DevOps Development Process

Before, company teams used to undergo product or service development using DevOps practices only. They then would include security protocols before releasing it to clients. Time is precious now. 2020 SolarWinds and Codecov software cyber hacks are recent examples of why you should not add security as the last arm of the developmental procedure. You must include the security best practices while working on the prototypes without delay. Hence, businesses are adopting SecDevOps.

Top Brands Acknowledge Security

Industry pioneering brands are achieving DevOps success because of the security practices they proactively integrated into their process. The report suggests that the better the security integration, the more chances brands have of becoming market leaders. Per the DORA report, “Development teams that embrace security see significant value driven to the business.”

How to Implement Security in the DevOps Development Process

Test the security features you have added to the test automation steps. Ensure that the codebase you use is already approved by the security team.Include the security protocols in your daily DevOps product or service implementation lifecycle.Have regular checkpoints to review all the security features on a regular basis.Include security practices from the early planning stages of the DevOps development process.

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