Can Sand Batteries Store Green Energy Better?

Though several companies are coming up with new solutions for clean energy, they do not know how to store it properly. Elon Musk created storage facilities for the Australian government with lithium-ion batteries in 2017. The catch is that these batteries cost a lot. For an industrial-level 100 MW battery, it costs Australia $50 million. Then, the constant charging cycles will reduce their storage capabilities over time. While some are striving to improve the traditional approaches, others are innovating new methods like sand batteries. Per National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), if sunlight is stored as heat, it is possible to use it for a long time. Sand, salt, or stone can remain heated longer, so these can be used to store energy. Furthermore, they will not lose storage capacity like lithium-ion batteries. Finland’s Polar Night Energy Company commercially launched sand batteries. They are already powering up a town in western Finland. Watch more in this Innovative Techs video.

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