Effective Teamwork: How Managers Can Facilitate It

Before you rush to create action plans, you must understand what effective teamwork means. Sure, your team is efficient, but how is it effective? When you deliver projects faster than other teams, it makes you efficient. But your team members must produce the right deliverable to become effective. In this article at Online PM Courses, Mike Clayton ways managers can enable effective teamwork as a part of their team’s USP. What are they? Let’s find out here.

Keys to Facilitating Effective Teamwork

The Right Work Setup

Trust must be one of the things that teams must work on from the get-go. Set the goals, create the strategy, and make the plans that will enable them to work towards a common goal.

An Interactive Culture

Does your team interact only during standups? Talking about work will not enable your team members to build rapport. Also, ensure that everyone in the team gets the same respect, be it a newbie or a senior member. This way, they will be able to communicate and have standard terms that all understand to have effective teamwork.

A Positive Aptitude

Discourage arrogance at all costs. As a team manager, you must ensure that people have room to express opinions and are polite while addressing their fellow team members. Be ready to give and receive feedback with the same positive attitude. Celebrate wins whenever possible, be it individual or team.

Skills Improvement

Your team members might have creative differences at times. For effective teamwork, they must learn how to bypass the noise and get the best solution. You should be up for any kind of problems that come their way decisively.

Leading By Example

Leadership is not about ordering what people should do but giving them the equipment to do what they must. Motivation plays a huge role in effective teamwork. So, allocate tasks wisely and realistically.

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