How to Manage Fixed Deadline Projects with PRINCE2

Are you looking for a section that explains how to manage fixed deadline projects in PRINCE2 manuals? You are wasting your energy. The manual assuredly shares anecdotes on how to make your project management successful. However, project managers must have guidelines on how to manage fixed deadline projects. In this article at the Rebel’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin shares ways you can use PRINCE2 to produce project deliverables on time and within budget.

How to Manage Fixed Deadline Projects with Elan

Deadline as a Planning Risk

PRINCE2 does mention how to manage fixed deadline projects but as a planning risk. It mentions two types of boundaries:

Fiscal – You cannot move your projects from one financial year to the next.Calendar – You are bound to complete a project by the end of the year, i.e., December. For instance, the millennium bug can mess up the project delivery routine.

Plan your product lifecycle well to learn the management of fixed deadline projects. It will give you a time estimate within which you should be finishing your deliverables.

The Project Board Role

Project managers can expect their board members to provide the required resources to complete the project within the time limit. The Directing manual of PRINCE2 mentions the factors that can destabilize the deliverable plan and delay the project.


Are you worried that the project board members may not provide resources to deliver projects on time? PRINCE2 manual suggests that the board executives supply your projects sufficiently and in stages. This will enable the projects to achieve goals without facing any trouble. Not only that, but the board members must also sign the planning document. They must agree to fulfill the requirements needed to complete the project within the stipulated deadline. Conducting gate reviews will allow you to understand where the board members are falling short of their commitments.

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