Project Agility Myths You Must Avoid At All Costs

People have a lot of misconceptions regarding Agile methodologies. Project agility requires a set of frameworks based on which the approach can function well. However, many criticize the simplicity of its values and principles. But PMBOK too has come up with sets of rules and responsibilities in the latest editions. So, what are the project agility myths you must not fall for in any way? In this article at the Association for Project Management, Adrian Pyne shares the mistakes project managers make while working on a project based on the Agile Manifesto.

Project Agility Mistakes to Avoid

Method Is Life Cycle

The Agile Manifesto does not mention ‘iteration’ anywhere. The delivery method must be continuous and frequent. So, those are not ‘live’ working models when you have a prototype in bits and pieces. Similarly, project management cannot have iterations. But projects with an iterative life cycle can have agility.

Using Scrum as the Project Management Method

Scrum can have agility, but Scrum is not synonymous with Agile. Furthermore, the scope of the Scrum approach is much more limited than project management.

Board Members Not Familiar with Project Agility

Most organizations are still following the linear method of project management because board members do not understand project agility. They are afraid of changing their approach and leading the transformation. However, recent PA Consulting reports suggest that organizations with Agile are more successful and get better ROIs.

Busy Senior Executives

Believe it or not, a busy board committee is one of the top reasons why project agility does not bear fruit. If you want your Agile projects to succeed, you must ensure all project stakeholders are involved in every aspect.

Cutting Corners

The Agile Manifesto does not mention anywhere to cut corners and get things done. It stresses more on people than processes, software over documentation, collaboration rather than negotiation, and change management over sticking to an obsolete plan.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.apm.org.uk/blog/the-five-most-expensive-project-agility-mistakes/

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