Can Picsart App Be a Tough Competitor to Adobe Photoshop?

Since the inception of artificial intelligence (AI), researchers have been striving to create a machine capable of matching or surpassing a human’s skills of reasoning and expression. In this Forbes video, Picsart founder Hovhannes Avoyan explains why this free-to-use editor is fast becoming the Photoshop for the TikTok and Instagram generation. Picsart, the designing and editing app, helps entrepreneurs give their products a glossy catalog look on critical marketplaces like e-bay, Etsy, Shopify, and Doordash. Furthermore, the app has been downloaded over 1 billion times across 180 countries. Originally written in English, the app is now available in 28 languages. In addition, the Picsart app uses AI and Java-based tools to let anyone edit and enhance photos and videos as quickly as adding an Instagram filter. Built on a freemium business model, Picsart offers essential tools for free and a more powerful version for $4.66 a month. Can the Picsart app be a formidable competitor to Adobe? Watch the video to learn more about this designing and editing app.

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