Technology and Art: How Are They Influencing Each Other?

Technology has always provided artists with new tools for expression. Today, these two seemingly distinct disciplines—technology and art—are more interlinked than ever. In recent times, technology has become a fundamental force in the evolution and development of art. In this video at TED, conceptual artist Anicka Yi explains how she took inspiration from soft robotics and the natural world to build ‘aerobes,’ a machine with the shape of ocean life forms. Yi describes her sensibility as ‘techno-sensual’ and meticulously blends technology and art. “What if our world were populated by machines that were more like animals and plants instead of something you would find in a factory?” she asks.

The ‘aerobes’ respond to environmental changes, including the heat signatures of people nearby. The sensory information they receive from electronic sensors affects their individual and group movements. In other words, they behave differently each time you encounter them. Yi’s floating ‘aerobes’ is thought-provoking for their suggestion of alternative forms of perceptions and existence. It also makes you think about how machines could evolve into living creatures. Watch this video to learn how technology and art are engineering the future.

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