Digital Dexterity – Fuel for Futuristic Workplaces

Companies recognize that the concept of the ‘everywhere workplace’ is here for the long haul. So, businesses that had already begun their digital transformation accelerated their plans. In contrast, organizations that had not yet started their transformation found that failing to embrace it would probably prove disastrous. Though the circumstances that led to this situation are tragic, the results of working from home have been encouraging for the business and its employees globally. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of COVID-19, companies are starting to think about what ‘normal’ will look like going forward. This article at Gartner by Jordan Turner shares the importance of digital dexterity in workplaces for the coming decade.

Digital Dexterity Is Key to Future Success

A plan to reimagine future work is necessary to enable a creative, inclusive, and intelligent workplace. Technology and current business trends suggest that employees’ work practices have changed. And it will continue diverging significantly over the next decade, bearing little resemblance to today’s work practices.

Six Ideas That Will Propel Digitization Dexterity

Managers that have the potential to excel as mentors and educators and are empathetic will be the top preference of HR executives.Employees must develop their cognitive, creative, and critical thinking skills and constantly update their digital acuity. HR will need to create and support a culture of continuous learning for knowledge acquisition and transparency to become a standard component of organizational operations.A hybrid workplace emphasizes productivity and employee well-being. Leaders will leverage technology and information to foster a cohesive hybrid workplace that works for all employees.Proactive executives must investigate how routine AI, intelligent software, and robot use will improve work strategy. High-performing workers should be encouraged to develop and distribute AI tools or customized portfolios of applications, tools, and intelligent technologies to increase the bar for exceptional digital dexterity to achieve a competitive advantage.

Additionally, the author speaks about meaningful social impact and work-life balance that will drive the future of the workplace.

To read the original article, click on https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/6-ways-the-workplace-will-change-in-the-next-10-years

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