Can Teachers Use Metaverse as an Educational Platform?

Metaverse has opened up several opportunities across all industries. The possibilities seem endless, from doing business to hanging out in a virtual shopping mall. But can educators utilize this as an educational platform as well? Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a Temple University Professor of Psychology, compares metaverse introduction to the dot.com revolution in the ‘90s. In this Bloomberg Technology video, discover if educational institutions can use metaverse for learning.

Teachers can utilize the metaverse to help students explore ancient Greece. This is more appealing than passively reading paragraphs in class. This visual aid can significantly increase the engagement and learning curve of pupils. However, it will take some time to implement such ideas in educational institutions. The professor insists that alternate reality can act as an educational platform. But it cannot replace the physical world. She adds further that screen time might not get reduced. However, the metaverse will encourage social interactions rather than isolation for kids.

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