You Can Bring Home This Ultrasound Tech Without a Worry

Doctors recommend ultrasound quite often. But it is not easy to implement. Most people are scared of the giant machines into which they are placed like an insect under a microscope. These engineers might have solved the problem for you by creating a stamp-sized ultrasound tech. Once you attach the ultrasound sticker to your skin, it will provide images to the doctors for up to 48 hours. For now, the device is wired to the instruments that translate the sounds into meaningful images. However, once the sticker becomes wireless, it can become an over-the-counter wearable imaging product you can take home. The device area is 2×2 centimeters with a thickness of 3 millimeters. It appears to be the size of a postage stamp, doesn’t it? In this Massachusetts Institute of Technology video, learn how this technology can transform your entire ultrasound experience.

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