Cloud Attacks – Here’s What Businesses Are Concerned About

Cloud attacks are too common today. More and more companies are migrating their vital IT infrastructure and data to the cloud. Cloud platforms offer unprecedented operational effectiveness, productivity, agility, flexibility, and profitability, which motivated this decision. However, this makes them more susceptible to cloud attacks. In this instance, the negative aspect is a lack of ownership, control, and security. In this article at IT Brief, Shannon Williams shares the insights from ‘Cloud and Web Attacks,’ a joint report by The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Proofpoint.

Report on Cloud Attacks

To better grasp industry expertise and perspectives surrounding cloud attacks, the commissioned study polled more than 950 IT and security professionals from various organization sizes and regions.

The findings show that enterprises are having trouble protecting new cloud environments implemented during the epidemic. Additionally, it has been challenging to keep up with aging technology and modify their entire security strategy to consider changing security requirements.

The Report Statistics

According to the study, 81% of organizations surveyed are moderate to highly concerned about risks associated with their suppliers and partners, and almost half (48%) are concerned about data loss due to such risks. Meanwhile, 58% of organizations believe hackers targeted their third-party suppliers in 2021. The survey shows that data protection is a top concern for 47% of businesses. 43% of organizations cite protecting customer data as a key cloud and web security goal for 2022. Despite this, only one-third (36%) of the organizations surveyed have a dedicated data loss prevention (DLP) solution.

The study reveals sensitive data loss as a top concern for 47% of respondents. Paying a ransom was the least concerning issue to 10% of the respondents.58% endured a supply-chain attack.Targeted cloud apps are a source of concern for organizations. Since they either hold or give access to data like email (36%), authentication (37%), storage/file sharing (35%), customer relationship management (33%), and corporate business intelligence (30%).Nearly half of those polled (47%) attribute their main cloud security concerns to coping with legacy systems. 37% believe they need to train employees toward more secure behavior.A dedicated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is only in place in 36% of the organizations examined. Endpoint Security (47%), identity management (43%), and privileged access (38%) are additional solutions that have been adopted.

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