Here Are the Top Strategies to Engage Stakeholders

When managing a project, you will come across myriads of stakeholders. Some will involve themselves more in the project, while others will do so sparingly. Nonetheless, you must make everyone happy to generate a successful project. But is it realistically possible to keep everyone pleased and involved? Will there not be ideas that conflict with each other at times? How will you keep both parties engaged? In this article at PM Student, Margaret Meloni shares some strategies to engage stakeholders wholeheartedly.

Top Strategies to Engage Stakeholders

Learn on the Way

You might be new to project management or have been managing several projects over the years. However, you are bound to make a mistake or two either way. When a stakeholder comes up with critical feedback, accept that as a learning process instead of resenting it. The stakeholder will be glad you took up their suggestion and are implementing it.

Manage Conflicting Interests

One of the stakeholders liked that you held an all-stakeholder party and hoped to attend more such occasions. However, your main sponsor suggested reducing such large gatherings. You may feel your strategies to engage stakeholders seem to be failing. But think about it; you never told the hopeful party that you would continue the events. Meanwhile, you did not tell your sponsor that you had planned numerous large events at frequent intervals. You can meet both people’s expectations by holding smaller events with rotating stakeholders each quarter. Small gatherings are more intimate and cost less.

Have Transparent Interactions

One of the strategies to engage stakeholders and keep them happy is to have clear-cut discussions with them. They must know at all times what you are working on and their responsibilities. They must know where you need to allocate more funds or resources, even if they might reject the plan outright. However, there is a possibility of stakeholders accepting higher spending if you alert them early.

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