Make Project Time Management Efficient with Kanban

Did you know that Toyota came up with the Kanban method in the ‘40s as its work management program? The Japanese automotive manufacturer wanted to make vehicles only when there was a demand for them to avoid misusing resources. This gave rise to lean production, which focused on customer value while reducing company expenditure. Many industries have since then adopted the Kanban approach. In this article at Project Times, Giovanny Guillen shares how you can utilize the Kanban method for project time management.

Project Time Management and Kanban

Understanding the Kanban Method

The Kanban approach works by the philosophy that you must finish what you started before working on something else. This increases the efficiency of project time management. In a Kanban board, you can arrange tasks in three categories; ‘to-do’, ‘in-progress’, and ‘done’. Once the tasks are decided, they go to the first category. Once you start working on a job item, it goes to the second category – ‘in-progress’. The task item moves to the ‘done’ category when you deliver it completed. This method increases transparency among team members and reflects exactly what is happening with each task.

Kanban’s Principles

Visualize the workflow to increase project time management.Make realistic, achievable goals.Trace the time you are working on a task.Have colored cards to understand job types, priorities, labels, deadlines, etc.Detect roadblocks and get rid of unnecessary work items.

More Benefits

Since you will not be working on unnecessary work items, project time management will become easier.The Kanban board will provide complete visibility to team members about what is going on in the team. So, coordination will be seamless.Projects nowadays are dynamic. It becomes simpler to change direction because of the Kanban method’s transparency.Process efficiency is better than before since you produce deliverables with optimal benefits in less time.

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