What Is a Steering Committee? Clear Your Doubts Here

How do you get all the resources for a project? The project board or steering committee does the heavy lifting to remove the bottlenecks for your team. This group forms part of the governance framework that looks after several projects. What is a steering committee, and what do they do for projects? In this article at the Rebel’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin clarifies any questions you have about the project board or steering committee.

The Importance of a Steering Committee

What Is a Project Board?

Members represent various stakeholder parties. Together, the team gives oversight and governance to a project.

What Is a Steering Committee?

Steering members are higher than a project board, looking after several projects in a program. A program board has its accountability, assurance, and governance that trickle down to its controlled projects.

Do Projects Need a Steering Team?

Every project should have a steering committee to oversee its governance and controls. This enables projects to have a better structure.

What Roles Do the Board Members Play?

The members alert senior-level executives about project issues. They keep track of the project’s scope and progress, provide guidance, and assure policy maintenance. The board approves the project’s move to the next stage and releases funds accordingly. Additionally, it supports change requests and authorizes deliverables and required project documents.

Who Joins the Project Board Meeting?

The internal or external customer, project sponsor, supplier, and project manager are crucial. Account managers, operations directors, finance team members, etc., can also participate.

Which Members Participate in the Steering Meeting?

Higher-level executives participate in the steering meeting. The closed group involves in strategic decision-making rather than daily problem management.

What Is the Board’s Meeting Frequency?

A monthly meetup is a minimal requirement. For critical projects, members must have bi-weekly conferences. For stable delivery projects, a quarterly meeting is sufficient.

When Should You Hold These Meetings?

Hold these meetings on the first week of every month. Have a steering team meeting after the project board conference. This helps remove bottlenecks faster.

What Is the Best Meeting Format?

What is a steering committee meeting format? It can be a physical gathering, a virtual one, or a hybrid format. Do what produces the best results.

How Long Should Each Meeting Last?

An hour is sufficient, but you can extend it to another 30 minutes. Usually, these meetings should conclude in 45 minutes.

What Agenda Does the Project or Steering Board Have?

Create a standard meeting agenda and share it before you meet up. People should be prepared for questions and answers regarding project growth, budget, actions taken, and risks and issues.

Report Example

A project report should include project status, time estimate, risks and issues, procedures that were taken, and the next actionable steps.

Why Is Your Project Board Failing?

No senior leadership accountabilityZero interest in the project’s progressUnclear planning and responsibilitiesNo sponsorship

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