Robot-Made Pizzas: Do They Taste Any Better?

It is a well-known fact that New Jersey takes its pizzas very seriously. Guess where CNET’s Bridget Carey went to taste robot-made pizzas? It was at PizzaHQ, a new pizza shop in New Jersey. The shop even has a tagline—‘The future of pizza’. The shop has human workers make the dough and refill toppings in the respective boxes for continuous delivery. Picnic Pizza Station–the automation machine–takes care of the rest. It applies sauce and sprinkles cheese and other toppings on each pizza. The order is placed through a connected iPad.

The machine’s lease costs the shop $4,500 per month. However, the crew has added more systems, such as a dough press, to this automation framework to increase efficiency. Right now, the restaurant can mass-produce 300 robot-made pizzas per hour!

Co-founder Matt Bassil insists in this CNET video that an average customer just wants a good pizza. How does it taste? Well, check it out in person.

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