Sports Streaming Might Change How You Watch Sports

In this Bloomberg Technology video, Emily Chang wonders if sports will also be streamed, like music and movies. While Apple is partnering with the NFL, Amazon is featuring Thursday Night Football with Major League Soccer. Bruin Capital founder and CEO George Pyne says it is too early to forecast how people will react to sports streaming. Viewers still want to watch live broadcasting on Fox, CBS, NBA, and NFL. So, sports streaming has not reached its inflection point yet. Traditional networks still hold power, and sports broadcasting revenue adds 95 percent to their net worth. Pyne observes that streaming platforms are catching up and currently have two formats of streaming sports. Paramount Plus, Peacock, and ESPN+ offer linear media broadcasting and streaming. Meanwhile, Amazon and Apple are streaming sports content like a retail product. Though Apple gives the option to choose viewing timing, the direct media approach poses much more value as of now.

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