Set Strong Company Culture Examples with These Tips

Every organization has a vision. This vision will eventually branch out and provide a solid structure to a company. However, when the organization fails to have a culture that is employee-centric or does not emphasize their well-being, businesses cannot achieve success. So, how do you create a culture that is unique to your values? In this article at CRN,  Gina Narcisi explains how you can set company culture examples with a focus on shared goals, accountability, and gut checks along the way.

Lead Your Industry with Strong Company Culture Examples

Deciding What Your Company Looks Like

As a business leader, take time to determine what type of company culture will work best for your organization rather than trying to adjust the workplace culture later. Recently, companies have developed strategies to attract and retain great talent. However, studies indicate that 82% of employees believe organizational culture is a potential competitive advantage. In other words, strong company culture directly impacts an organization’s ability to recruit top talent.

Asking Employees for Input Is One of the Strong Company Culture Examples

Employees have opinions about your organizational culture. Ask them what they think through anonymous surveys. When analyzing the survey results, identify the recurring patterns in the responses. Consider it a critical concern if several employees point to the same issue. Design another survey to understand the specific ‘pain points.’ This will make employees realize that you care more about their needs.

Encouraging a Work-Life Balance

Several studies have revealed that employees with good physical, mental, and spiritual health will be more effective and productive. Therefore, as an employer, ensure your employees do not have to work 80-100 hours per week. Additionally, encourage your employees to fully utilize their allotted vacation days. One of the excellent company culture examples is encouraging employees to step away from their workspace. Furthermore, have an open-door policy with supervisors and managers and let employees know that their seniors are approachable for confidential discussions.

To read more about company culture examples, click on https://www.crn.com/news/running-your-business/how-to-create-a-company-culture-that-s-not-cringeworthy.

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